About us

Our Spirituality

The Cenacle’s spirituality is inspired by the actual experiences of the Disciples who, seized by the power of the Holy Spirit, guided the first Christian communities. The signs and the prodigies performed by the Apostles are reflected today in the healings of the soul, of the heart and of the body, especially during Agape sessions and during spiritual weekend experiences.

Château 1900

The castle was built in 1900

Capusins 1942

The novitiate of the Capuchins began in 1942


Founded in 1980, the Cenacle’s mission is to renew hearts and souls through Agape, to fashion Christians convinced of their faith, and to develop leaders of prayer groups and witnesses in today’s world.


Since its inception, the Cenacle has aimed to offer

  • A renewed form of prayer
  • A spiritual life inspired by the Holy Spirit
  • A real encounter with the Lord
  • An internal freedom characterized by the discovery of God
  • A fraternal life experience akin to the experience of the Apostles

Refer to the section The Cenacle 1980-2005  in our gallery of photos and videos to view the complete history of the Cenacle, House of Prayer.

Fondateurs du Cénacle

The Cenacle House of Prayer was founded in 1980
Yolande Bouchard r.i.j., Émile Lebel cap., Madeleine Gendron r.i.j., and Marc Picard cap., are the founders of the Cenacle

We journeyed through a desert that touched all of humanity for two years, and this allowed us to experience both isolation and solidarity. Sister Yolande Bouchard has left us but the Holy Spirit unites us to her, to continue the beautiful work of healing and reconciliation of the Cenacle. With the guides and other volunteers, the facilitators and all the support staff of the Cenacle, I ask the Lord that we truly live the synodality, this capacity to carry out together the Mission of evangelization by recognizing individual charisms and by stimulating their participation, through the work of the Holy Spirit. 

"Be one as the Father and I are one" : Communion becomes the primary testimony that draws us to faith. Let us continue to care for the souls of people and we will contribute to the care of human fraternity and the regeneration of true Christian communities. 

May you have a successful mission in 2022-2023!
+ Denis Grondin, Archbishop of Rimouski (2015 -)